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Top restaurants’ websites share one characteristic: They make it extremely simple for their visitors to locate what they’re searching for.

It is of utmost importance that businesses maintain an optimal website, since 77 percent of customers say they visit a restaurant’s site before deciding to dine-in or order delivery or takeout from it. And among that majority, over 70% have been put off coming due to poor online reviews for restaurants Wow!

Professional-looking restaurant websites are essential for drawing customers through your doors (or placing orders online) but the optimal web design for restaurants can be challenging to attain.

So that you can build an online restaurant site that attracts customers and compels them to place and take orders, we have compiled an index of 2023’s best restaurant websites – this includes:

Elements of Great Restaurant Websites

Prior to creating your restaurant website, it is vitally important that you understand which information needs to be included and how best to convey its purpose.

Here are the top ten components of successful restaurant websites:

Important Information: Your address, business hours, number of phones and any other pertinent contact details should be readily accessible on the homepage of your site.

Social Media Links: Make it simple for visitors to follow your social media pages by embedding links for them directly on your website.

Menu design: 93% of consumers research menus online before dining out, so create a professional HTML Menu (not simply PDFs) which is user-friendly and includes up-to-date information. Also if your dine-in options differ from takeout/delivery services, ensure both menus have hyperlinks so they can easily be accessed online.

Online Ordering Buttons 63% of consumers prefer placing orders directly with restaurants; make it easier for your customers to do this on your site by providing direct ordering buttons or linkages to delivery services such as Uber Eats or Door Dash.

Enhance revenue growth for your company by offering customers the ability to purchase gift cards or merchandise directly through your website. Customers will appreciate being able to purchase such products online from you!

Loyalty Program Details: When offering customer loyalty programs at restaurants, be sure to include all pertinent details regarding its rewards as well as providing customers the ability to sign up on your website.

Tell Your Restaurant’s Story: Give more insight into the history and brand identity of your restaurant by adding an “About us” or an “Our Story” page to your website.

Mobile Optimized: In the United States alone, 72% of internet searching for restaurants takes place through mobile devices. To ensure customers can easily navigate your restaurant website using mobile phones, optimize it accordingly.

High-Quality Images: To engage customers and inform them about what’s on your menu, include attractive, high-quality images on your restaurant website that entice and inform. A study found that viewing food photos stimulated hormones responsible for hunger. Don’t underestimate this advantage of professional food photography taken.

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